Sexual assault implied 

And now it's so relaxing to mainly not have to worry about this! Now I just sound weirdly presumptuous when I ask my friends "this guy was friendly while making a lot of eye contact, is that flirting?"

Anyway, solidarity to anyone creeped out by "friendly" straight men, now that I have a beard I might be able to talk some sense into a couple of them.

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Sexual assault implied 

Sometimes I think about how in university almost every straight guy friend I made tried at one point to kiss me, got touchy, or worse. I was often not registering something was happening until my lack of protest made them think I was ok with them pushing more.

So I learned to never fully trust male friendship and be wary of being alone with guy friends. Even recently I thought I was just turning down activities with a coworker, turns out he was hoping more than that.

I saw a cute tiny mouse on the platform and I very much wanted to hug it and kidnap it (but I restrained myself).

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Good morning from yet another 7am in the train :blobcatsleep:
Even the sun is awake, so no excuse for me.

I had to get to the train station at 5am to go make a new passport in Berlin so I took the quick trains, but now I have the whole day to go back so I'll finally be able to use the 9€ ticket (which was included in my university registration so it's not like I bought one and never used it) :blobcatsurprised:
And in a month or so I can pick my new passport in Hamburg instead of Berlin so that will be more practical.

Result: easy enough to figure out! (easier than zoom)
The unofficial flatpak version works but can't screenshare. But in chromium it's able to share other xwayland windows as well as do normal meeting stuff! So I guess I'm good and I don't need to ask the HR person what software they are assuming I'll be able to run during the interview.

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The good news: I have a job interview!
The bad: it's on microsoft teams which I don't know anything about except that I'm pretty sure I'll have to install a different window manager to get it to run/share screen/whatever people do on teams :oh_no:

Computer frustration 

I spent the weekend trying to figure out guix and I can say I do see the appeal in ensuring I have the exact same version of all software across both computers (don't be like me with emacs 27 on one (when emacs 25 didn't spontaneously reinstall itself) and emacs 29 on the other and one constantly-breaking shared configuration).

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Computer frustration 

Came to the office to work on a mandatory poster I have to finish for tomorrow, because inkscape freezes all the time on my tired laptop.

Of course importing pdf images messes up all the text, so I want to quickly redo them bigger, with a different font and as images just by re-running asymptote, but emacs was refusing to start, and now asymptote can't run either because the ubuntu ghoscript version is prehistoric, aarg :chick_cry_angry:

Trans and administrations + 

I received my name change confirmation :blobcat:
Now on to an updated passport I guess!

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Good afternoon, today I'm the embarrassed (ex-)employee going to the IT people saying I forgot my work password and can't log in my computer :oh_no:
(I had to change it on Friday and my password manager database didn't synchronize to my phone.)

begpost fundraising for a dehumidifier :boost_requested: 

hi i live in a moldy humid apartment and have become allergic, so i need a dehumidifier pretty bad! funds or boosts or dehumidifier recommendations appreciated! thanks
🙏 :teal_heart:

Food picture, lewd objects 

Here's the cake I made for my officemate's pride breakfast! This afternoon was the local parade.

Home! Counter-intuitively, biking hurts way less than walking or sitting in the first hours after my Nebido injections. It's bad when I put my weight on the leg.

But I guess I should learn to check the weather sometimes and take the bus :flan_shrug: (a display on the side of the road was indicating 36°C!)

With this I missed yet another summer school presentation though :oh_no:
(The first ones were because I didn't realize the imported calendar didn't have automatic reminders :sweat_smile_ms:)

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I finally made it through the injection! Limping to my bike, and now at least there are clouds tjat might make the way back less hard.

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These excellent instructions for emergency cleaning come too late to help my mid-20s past self, but I’m sure someone will find them useful:

I guess I'll be waiting here for a while. The computer system of the whole building is down (whatever that means) so they can't deal with people currently waiting nor give new termins so people can come back another day (at least it's fresh here :flan_tired: )

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Maybe mildly disgusting ass mention 

I'm at my testosterone appointment and I really should learn to check about wet suffocating 32°C heat before biking 8km under the sun in a binder (I tried my best to clean my sweaty ass before letting the nurse handle it but I'm still waiting and it's already all sweaty again).
The even funnier part will be the 8km back with even stronger 1pm sun and a painful ass cheek! Last time my whole leg was half-paralyzed for the day, I hope not this time.

Conference adventures 

Made it to Berlin! With two hours of delay, but luckily I can just hop in the next train going north. I guess in three hours I should be able to pick up my bike if it's not too buried behind others at the train station, and head finally home :flan_cheer:

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I'm sitting in the train with nothing to do, so random question: how much (paper) mail do you get in average?

The question originated from reading about US people being overwhelmed by mail, so I'd be happy to get details about your country also!

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