I forgot to mention, there's an organisation called Slave Free Chocolate, founded in 2007. They aim to make people aware of child slavery in West African chocolate farms and work to eradicate it. They also keep a list of ethical companies so you can help support the farmers and avoid any exploitative corporations.


Whoever told me in school that physicist was not a physical job was certainly a theorist and had never had to hold weird postures to align a laser aarrrgg my abs

“Pistols at dawn”

“Cuddles at dawn?”

“PISTOLS at dawn”

“Snuggles at dawn?”


“Breakfast in bed?”

Three Horns was a warrior.
No Moccasins was his his wife.

Three Horns lived many years.
he led great hunts;
he led great attacks.
he provided guidance to the elders.

Three Horns was an old man.
he became sick, and would die.
many came to visit; to mourn.
his village doubled in size.

Three Horns gathered the elders from the visitors.
he told them, "before I die, I'm going to tell a story."


Locker rooms 

here is a geometric explanation of FOIL as given by the islamic scholars of algebra in the middle ages. unlike memorizing some stupid rule of pure symbol manipulation, it actually makes sense

Warm hug or friendly arm-waving to all having a rough day here.

Gender Spectrum 

But not anymore! 

Feeling down 

Happy afternoon, I escaped the lab to go see what counts here as sunlight ✨

Request for Suggestions (Please boost!):

Hi all! My reading group is looking for anarchist texts that get a little deeper into theory, praxis, and history of anarchist thought, but are still modern enough to be accessible. Kropotkin, et al, are great, but we're looking for something that's more like a modern summary/analysis of Kropotkin (if y'all get what I mean).

Happy to hear any suggestions you might have!

The Milky Seas Effect is an ocean phenomenon where huge patches of water glow blue, brightly enough to be seen from orbit. From the surface, the sea would glow from horizon to horizon for days.

It's called "milky" because old accounts describe it as white. It's actually blue, but human eyes aren't very good in low light.

It's probably caused by some kind of bioluminescent bacteria, but no one's sure exactly what kind. No known bacteria match what we see.

Probably the most useful tool I've ever learned to tackle a structural group problem is to brainstorm all the things that could be done and then organize them in 'low effort / high effort', 'low impact / high impact'.

Then do the 'high impact / low effort' things first, followed by 'low impact / low effort'.
Use the energy and momentum from those small successes for the 'high impact / high effort' things and just skip the 'low impact high effort' pitfalls.

example in next post

Aryeh Nirenberg has created an amazing video, which lets you feel the rotation of the earth:

Using a tracking mount aligned with North Star, he kept taking photos every 12 seconds for about 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way.

Something I told my kids yesterday, and I feel we all need:

We need to start celebrating every little step like it's a big one.

If you're proud of it, celebrate it like you just got your fucking PhD.

You got the courage to make a call, celebrate that shit even if no on else seems to. You actually do all your homework when you know you've been falling behind, CELEBRATE. You draw or write after weeks off? Shout about it.

Be proud. Celebrate the small victories, BECAUSE no one else will.

Just learned about this handbook for making complex visual images such as charts, diagrams, mathematical graphs, and more. It's super helpful for anyone posting educational content online! Plus, it's #CC licensed. #a11y pcc.edu/instructional-support/

Today, I'd like to ask a question.

Why is it that, when you imagine the European middle ages, you think of mud-covered illiterates who don't know what cats look like? Why are the middle ages a period of violence, ignorance, and poverty, a "dark ages" where little of note took place, and the periods that follow aren't?

ALERTA ! LGBTIphobies : LMPT à Paris le 19.01.2020 ; 

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