My adventures in this cursed weekend continue! I was happily drinking tea, wrapped in a blanket in front of Steven Universe. And I noticed the dripping sound of the toilet water reservoir.
I actioned it a few times, because it already happened once or twice and that fixed it.

But it was still dripping! And bothering me! So I opened the reservoir top to see inside… except that the mechanisms inside are attached to the top :blobsleepless:

Water sprayed outside! So I closed it. But the spray sound didn't stop, so I opened again because maybe I should just tighten whatever was lose inside?

And here open the flood hell gates! 🐳

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I'm holding the mechanism by hand, pressing it as hard as I can against the opening so the water doesn't run, and panic hard because I tried to find a valve to cut the water but I don't see any. There is a screw on the water counted but screwing it doesn't seem to do anything. I open the drain towards the toilet bowl and close the top and run everywhere while water is still spraying out.

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The paper with the number of the janitor is apparently in my work office. I find my phone but don't know who to call. Like a plumber? Do they know where to cut the water? Do they work on Sunday? :flan_shrug:
So I run in the corridor to ring neighbors' doors, I run in the hall to see if there could be the janitor's number written somewhere, I run back and forth to my flat to remove the water on the floor on the meantime, but nobody answers the door.

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Until someone does! Probably intrigued by the noise of the floor through my open door, that can be heard in the whole building.
And he comes, see the screw at the water counter, fails to screw it more, come back with a big pincer, and closes the valve. And so I'm saved :blobaww:

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He said I rang at the right door because he has all the tools. He told me the mechanism is broken and he tried to close the valve directly before the reservoir so that we could open the water in the rest of the flat again, but it has been calcified by 20 years of never turning it. And now he's looking though his stuff because he thinks he might have a spare valve.
Neighbors interactions can save my ass apparently :blobcatsurprised:

So now I'm wondering what's a proper thank you gift for a nice neighbors who save one's ass.

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Did I mention I was barefoot and in pajamas when I was desperately running in the whole building for someone/the number/a water valve?

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Where Yulran is doing plumbing 

My water reservoir adventures continue as I finally came to term with the fact I really didn't want to try to call again the janitor, so I just went looking in the hardware store if anything looked like my broken piece.

And I found it! Now I just need to go back for another pipe to attach to it because mine is now leaking. And maybe in a few days I''ll have a fonctionnal toilet again! :arms_in_the_air_r2:

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re: Where Yulran is doing plumbing 

@Yulran Bien joué ! Mario serait fier de toi ;)

re: Where Yulran is doing plumbing 

@cassandre Yay !
En vrai, si j'arrive à gérer des chambres sous vide, je me dis qu'il n'y a pas de raison pour que la plomberie soit compliquée… Mais quand on se rate, ça mouille :ms_weary:

@amphetamine I'm thinking about that, yeah. Something that he could conserve in case it's not something he can eat himself.

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