Climate (-) 

The longer I do physics research the less I know why. Understanding the universe is cool and all that, but honestly what's the point of fundamental science if in some dozens of years everybody will be in full survival mode.

Like, let's save the life on Earth first, and we can resume understanding particle physics afterwards, they are not going away.


Climate, research (-) 

Like I'm spending my days in an environment where, just for my group, a hundred computers are running at all times, several labs are containing dozens and dozens of power-consuming laser diodes to make other lasers to make other lasers to make x-rays to make other lasers, with energy conversion efficiencies sometimes as low as 0.1% at some steps, and all that running 24/7, with servers and cryogenics cooling and all the single-use gloves and shoe covers and in the end, WHY

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