It's kraft time! I am tired of using a chair as bed-side table since a year, I have cardboard, I have a tutorial, I'm ready.

I guess a proper glue (I only have paper glue) and a proper tape would have helped but once I get the other half, I can make it hold!

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I ran out of tape but I had still some proper glue. If tomorrow it's property fixed, I could paint it and I would be still cooler than a chair!

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Good morning! :blobcoffee:

The shelves look like they are holding up.

Oh and here's the tutorial I tried to follow:

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I didn't want to work late tonight so I started painting the shelves before the sun disappears. I still had some acrylic an colleague left me two years ago, the cap of the tube is actually cracked, it was time to empty them.

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It's a bit too small for my computer but it's the perfect height for me to look at it from my hammock!

I got crafty again! I had some stuff I didn't know where to put so yesterday I decided to build another set of cardboard shelves. This time just improvising with the rest of the cardboard I had, but still following the same idea as the previous one.
I just glued the front panel, and yesterday I had glued the 3 shelves on the back one.

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I painted the shelves upside down and I don't have enough paint left to paint the other side now.
But it's ok! At least I can store things on the top shelf and they won't fall.

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