Also I went to a sports training for the first time today. It was in a big open hall and a very small group. I was the only total beginner with no experience of anything tiring since high school, but I somehow survived.

And their aggressive marketing already got me booked for a real course (so harder than the test one) Tuesday evening :oh_no:


The trainer was pretty subtile in his confusion of which gender I was, he indicated me both changing rooms (but I took care not to need to change anyway) and just looked where I went. I heard him hesitate a bit the first time he had to chose a pronoun, but then it was all normal.
At the end he asked me if I was a high school student (I finished high school 9 years ago).

It's funny to probe how strangers perceive me now when I don't say anything!

And I all did it in German :sparkles_nb:

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