Trans in bathrooms 

In other trans news, there are a lot of new people at work now and I scared strangers in the women's bathroom two days in a row.

So I changed my mind, decided it was now more awkward to meet unknown people in the women's bathroom than to meet people who have known me since 2015 at didn't yet catch up on the change in the man's bathroom, aaand I switched since yesterday.

So far the weirdest part is that it's all symmetrically inversed so I keep walking in the wall.

Trans in bathrooms 

@Yulran oof, bathroom anxiety is such a fuck; i hope the switchover period goes smoothly for you!

all our bathrooms are uniquely strange shaped rooms because our buildings are So Old, so the idea of an inverted bathroom is kind of funny to me, it's like stepping into mirror world :D

Trans in bathrooms 

@rabbithearth Thanks! It's a bit stressful but both options are and I need to go somewhere, so I hope with time it just feels natural.

My building is quite new and they build the bathroom always paired. I guess it's symmetrical so all the water pipes are in the common wall? But then it's just both too similar and too strange at the same time, it's messing with my brain!

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