I was trying to sleep but instead I'm wondering if the definition of a day means 24h between the sun being at its highest point in the sky, or 24h for a full rotation of the earth.
Because every day the earth has moved on its orbit so it has a slightly different angle around the sun and I think that makes a 4min difference :thinking:

Good morning :blobcatcoffee:
I'm looking up how the day duration works. So it seems I was right!

The day based on the rotation of the earth is called sidereal time ( and is about 23 h 56 min long (I learned in passing that the rotation duration fluctuates every day, on the scale of milliseconds).

And the one based on the sun is the apparent solar time ( It lasts up to 15min more or less depending on the season, but in average it's 24h.

I thoughts human timezones and stuff were making time complicated, but actually it's already super messy by itself.

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