Ugh I was a bit too tired when I filled my weekly report Friday night, I accidentally ticked the checkbox in the global summary that one of the papers I have to write is done, and I came back to work this morning with an email from my (ex)supervisor that I should please send the paper around :concern:

Work stress 

Now I picture her repeating me that I really should take care to write this paper soon, but I also have to urgently do all the missing experiments and simulations and analysis to write another paper, and urgently restart the sleeping project I initially started with so I can be out of the lab end of February (will never happen), and I should also start writing my thesis now instead of doing everything after the end of the experiments.

Work stress 

Waiting for our project meeting in two hours when she asks me why I'm not in the lab today :oh_no:

She was even low-key telling me it would be good to work on theory during the winter break, like those 10 days, when I didn't even start using my 2020 vacation days yet :blobugh:

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