Insomnia complaining 

Went through 4 cycles of not being able to keep my eyes open on my book, switching off the light, and then staring at the dark for half an hour, suddenly feeling full of adrenaline. So after 3 hours I gave up trying and started doom scrolling :oh_no:

Whyyy I can't ever fall asleep normally except when I basically pass out from exhaustion :ms_weary:

Insomnia complaining 

Welp, it's 6am and I feel as restless as before, time for coffee and starting work early it seems :hot_drink: :hot_drink: :blobsleepless:


Insomnia complaining, food 

I wasn't really planning to pour half a kilo of green peas into my breakfast but oh, well.

I guess today is not the day I go to the lab and carefully switch the laser back on :concern:

Insomnia complaining 

I feel as sharp as usual but somehow I lost half of my german understanding skills overnight, so I guess I'm not. Funny that I notice it there.

Yeah, no lab today, no error-sensitive tasks.

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