I have a 4-hours face-to-face meeting tomorrow because the post-docs I work with don't find it practical to not have access to a real white board when we have online meetings and they can't ask proper questions :oh_no:

Actually the meeting starts in 9 hours and I'd love to sleep in between, but my slides are still waiting for some results that I still being calculated :chick_cry_happy:

I have survived my 4-hours-long meeting and actually we went through only half of what I prepared.
But now I have more to prepare for the next 4-hours-long meeting, which will be, eerh, Monday :oh_no:


I had one small code on which to do mostly minor changes before letting it run overnight, and it took me until midnight but I shamelessly used it as an excuse to learn how to do literate programming in emacs and then just export the whole thing to our project blog.

As I told my ex supervisor, writing detailed blog posts that can actually be understood when reading them afterwards basically counts as starting to write my thesis, right? :blobcatgiggle:

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