I had bought oil paints maybe 7 years ago because my RPG game master wanted NPCs painted on some boat part so I wanted something water-resistant, and I never used them since, so I figured it would be time.

The number of ideas what I'm doing that I have stayed null :shrug_r2:

I matched the colours a bit better, and in the end I found it too annoying to avoid painting where the windows should be. In one or two weeks when it's dry I'll just paint over.
Also I wonder if my sky will be blue or green when I look at it during daytime :thinking:

I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's meeting before the middle of the night, so it was the perfect occasion to continue painting!

I just rediscovered that it's easier to paint with diluted paint and not the thick mix directly from the tube, who would have known :sweat_smile_ms:

I wanted to take advantage of daylight to continue my painting, but it didn't dry yet since Thursday. I guess the solvant diluting the pain also makes it longer to dry? The thick layer with the non-diluted paste only took a couple of days.

Sounds like I'll have to ensure that I have some free time to paint during the week!

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