In other news I repotted my tomato plants in a bigger pot, but now the little tomatoes are angry and they didn't grow since a week :blobsad:

The measurement is not super precise because I just hold some string around them, then measure the string against a ruler. But I'm proud that I can just fill in the table every time emacs asks me to, and then just plot it from there, I find it very satisfying :blobcat:

@Yulran could be that you're getting a burst if root growth from transplanting, so you're not seeing it in height yet, but could be your little friend is not unhappy

@compostablespork Oh right, this is a thing!

Another hypothesis I had is that I heard plants also try to produce seeds when they are stressed? Those two tomatoes appeared when I was away for almost 3 weeks, so maybe the plant is relaxing now that it has regular water. Or apparently it's also a thing for tomatoes to produce flowers when they hit the limits of their pots?

I have no clue what I'm doing in the end :D

@Yulran Gardening is all uncontrolled experiments! It's weird how sometimes things work and sometimes they don't and it's really hard to know what combination of light, water, nutrients and luck converged or didn't!

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