And another day of unsuccessfully trying to localize where my laser beam hits my sample :flan_shrug:

Today's fun adventure: Schrödinger's files, which the awful camera software suddently decided to save in its own C:\Program Files (x86)\AwfulSoftware folder, which are visible when I browse for a place to save the files, but which don't exist when I try to move them or copy them or look at them any other way. Folder empty :oh_no:

On the other hand, here's that:

My russian boyfriend, snacking on gazpacho: "now I'm the gazpadzin!"

:blob_cat_sip_glare: :blobcatcry: :blobcatlove:

@eldang I'm glad my confusion is shared! I'm lacking sleep so I was halfway convinced it would turn out to be a normal behaviour.

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