I'm spending way too much time perfecting my custom latex template for my CV and motivation letter and way not enough time actually writing the letter :chick_cry_happy:

It's even harder because I don't actually care about the position, but my supervisor is pushing me to apply as a training so I don't freeze and mess it up when I actually care, and I hate that she's totally right.

But please just let me crawl into a hole and never get out again :blobugh:


I got scolded by my ex supervisor for starting with the template and not the content and now I feel bad :blobcatcry:

But on the other hand, we are writing a paper for which the actual submission template is very ugly with double spacing and a terrible font, I hate looking at it and have zero will to proofread all those ugly pages. So for me it makes sense to gather motivation by making it a nice template I'll want to see filled and read again and again :flan_shrug:

Waste of time according to some maybe :blob_cat_sip_glare: (yeah I'm still salty at my supervisor's comment), but it feels nice and motivating to be taking notes in a cool environment.
I don't want to be miserably focused on productive stuff all the time! Let me find joy in esthetics where I can.

(A narrowed captured buffer in emacs with org-fragtog-mode to toggle the latex preview on and off when the cursor enters the math)

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