Work stuff 

I posted on the digital labbook today's entry labelled as "might maybe have what could pass for a possible signal again", and I give up! Most people left 5 hours ago, it's past bedtime and I want to go home.

So today's the day I was supposed to be done, next week is the "if really really needed" extra week, and I didn't yet find if what I want to measure is measurable :blobugh:

Work stuff 

I don't want to be too happy too early and curse it but I think I am measuring *something*, there are some oscillations in this noise :blobcatsurprised:


Work stuff 

I spent the weekend in the lab, even my ex supervisor came in to see if she could figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Presented the (absence of) results to my professor this afternoon, he said it's time to give up and start writing, I'm too exhausted to know if I'm sad or happy about that.

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