So I'm on my way to pick up my boyfriend who's visiting me the next few days, I had to wake up at an indecent hour and that was not helped by the fact that I was drinking coffee remotely debugging the makefile I just learned to do to automatically analyse and plot some data and make a 3D drawing in asymptote (which I also spent the last two days learning, and that's not easy with such a difficult name to look up) before compiling the final pdf.
It's all for my paper so it's allowed :shrug_r2:


But also look at this! I was struggling with inkscape and my wavy surface looked horrible, now I have a cool 3D (although not vectorial) drawing, in perspective, with the correct font at the correct size to go with the rest of the documents.
It was a pain as the 3D module is not clearly enough documented that I understood how to use the functions (maybe if one knows c++), I had to find other people's code to copy, but so worth it :blobcatcoffee:

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