So I'm on my way to pick up my boyfriend who's visiting me the next few days, I had to wake up at an indecent hour and that was not helped by the fact that I was drinking coffee remotely debugging the makefile I just learned to do to automatically analyse and plot some data and make a 3D drawing in asymptote (which I also spent the last two days learning, and that's not easy with such a difficult name to look up) before compiling the final pdf.
It's all for my paper so it's allowed :shrug_r2:

@Yulran I grouped this as "drinking coffee remotely" first and was so impressed


@maunzi That would be so great!
Maybe with a giant metal straw, with one end at my desk, the other end in an automatic water boiler, and some compartments on the way containing instant coffee which would get mixed as the coffee travel through :blobcatsurprised:

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