Physical health (just a cold) 

I've been sick for a week, caught the cold that was going around the one night I socialized (in 2G conditions) for my last local friend's birthday :blobsad:

I'm glad I had stocked up on the self-covid tests I get from work by going to the local quick test tent instead of using them (while it was still possible for vaccinated people) so I know I don't have covid, but I reached the part where coughing wakes me up so I'm not enjoying it.


Yesterday evening my laptop decided to stop charging, and I have a lot to do that needs a computer (like prepare a presentation for an interview for a post-doc early next week, for which my supervisor mercilessly pushed me to apply to get interview experience :blobugh: ).
So off to work I go, to pick up the laptop in the lab, synchronise the data on of before my laptop dies, and hopefully pick up cough medication on the way back before a class that starts in half an hour :ms_grimace:

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