Physical health (just a cold) 

I've been sick for a week, caught the cold that was going around the one night I socialized (in 2G conditions) for my last local friend's birthday :blobsad:

I'm glad I had stocked up on the self-covid tests I get from work by going to the local quick test tent instead of using them (while it was still possible for vaccinated people) so I know I don't have covid, but I reached the part where coughing wakes me up so I'm not enjoying it.

Physical health (just a cold but not going better) 

So far I've been doing only worse, it's like someone is sitting on my throat and upper chest and I'm coughing about every 25s (I timed it) :ms_grimace:

Looking forward to another night of barely sleeping, and then still try to work tomorrow because Deadlines :ms_weary:


Physical health (just a cold but not going better) 

Today was a bit better (less fever during the day, now it's starting again), but I'm starting to get really annoyed at the constant coughing and throat pain and not sleeping.

I was hoping when my supervisor heard me struggle to speak and regularly mute my microphone to cough, that she would tell me to cancel the interview Wednesday, but she basically answered "too bad, do it anyway".

I had the sudden realization yesterday evening that instead of crying that my supervisor tells me to toughen up and do the interview while barely able to speak, I should ask the people who want to interview me if they want to do the interview in these conditions :surprised_pikachu:

And surprise! They don't either, so I can go to bed instead of worrying about making slides :chick_blanket:

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