Work negative 

The work laptop with a damaged hard drive I was using during a remote meeting for its camera and webcam suddenly crashed and refused to turn back :oh_no:
So I couldn't speak anymore, but I was still connected with another computer to share slides, and I could listen to my supervisors say I should have a little bit of initiative and ask for another laptop, that it happened before already, I was losing everyone's time, and all that.

Work negative 

I did ask for the laptop to be repaired once but reinstalling windows didn't repair the hard drive (I figured out the problem too late), and afterwards I didn't want to ask again since I don't actually need this laptop. Usually I bring mine instead if I have a meeting planned, but I forgot today.

Work negative 

Usually I feel proud with being able to work around broken stuff when I can. Like my phone's main microphone and jack are broken since years and I don't care. Why ask my work to buy a new laptop when all I need is to remember to bring a microphone to the office?

But that's apparently read as having no initiative, so I'm feeling very insecure and a bit hurt. It's not the first time I hear I have no initiative.

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