Christmas, family death 

My uncle unexpectedly died yesterday, and now my parents are canceling all the holiday plans to come to the village for the burial instead. They asked if I would too, but with end-of-contract work stuff and non-refundable train tickets it would be a mess, so I'll only come next week.
I was barely able to handle seeing my cousin cry at our grandma's burial last year, I'm not ready to see her at her father's near what would be our grandma's birthday.

Christmas, family death 

I thought I wouldn't be sad because I always thought my uncle was a racist and sexist asshole, but still, it's weird to imagine this hole suddenly being there. And I'm wondering how my cousins and their kids are handling it.

Anyway, I was quite wary of spending this christmas in my family (the last 2 years I didn't), but my parents will be gone again, and it will be weird in a different way.

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