For a first try I'm quite happy of the way I found to handle comments on my paper draft.
They sent back the annotated pdf, so I extracted the annotations with pdfannots and replaced the bullet points to get an org-mode list with checkboxes. I put both in a new git branch, implemented the requested changes on this branch, and once I have everybody's comments implemented I'll attempt an octopus merge so I can see where they are incompatible instead of replacing one person's comments by the next's.

Rambling about trying to do a manual n-way merge 

Welp, actually octopus merges don't do what I want, they only work as long as there is no conflict (and I want to be able to review and compare conflicts, also edit manually the result while I merge).
Diffuse does do what I want (with something like "diffuse -r main -r person1 -r person2 -r person3 paper.tex") but it's graphical and each file has its own column so I can only read a couple of words at a time.
I guess I continue looking :flan_shrug:


Rambling about trying to do a manual n-way merge 

Apparently some people were wondering the same thing as me 10 years ago but never found anything better either…

Maybe I'm just overcomplicating and it's easier to do a 3-way merge, merging two modified versions at a time with my original as reference.

Or even just one at a time since I still have my original as a commit even if not as a separate branch. Erk, and I though I mostly knew how to use git :oh_no:

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