Ruminating about not doing Enough 

I kept ruminating all evening that my ex supervisor criticised my organization twice in a couple of minutes, first by being surprised that I took notes about changes to do in our paper instead of implementing them immediately while still participating in the meeting, and second that I took a whole day to write a decent cover letter from scratch.

Ruminating about not doing Enough 

I feel like I'm still failing both at working on the paper fast enough, and at applying for jobs fast enough (I spend most time for example reading up on the expectations for 1) programming and 2) german CVs).

I feel like oscillating between feeling like I'm never doing enough and being angry at my supervisor for telling me what to do, but I guess both options are unfair either to me out to her.


Ruminating about not doing Enough 

I'm not sure what would be the healthiest mindset. Remembering that she only wants me to not waste my time and spend too long on job applications I don't actually want to succeed? And maybe her superpowers let her write actual sentences making sense in context while also reading and discussing about the next point? So she's just projecting her own experience and abilities on me and it's not worth feeling bad about? :flan_shrug:

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