In other news I repotted my tomato plants in a bigger pot, but now the little tomatoes are angry and they didn't grow since a week :blobsad:

The measurement is not super precise because I just hold some string around them, then measure the string against a ruler. But I'm proud that I can just fill in the table every time emacs asks me to, and then just plot it from there, I find it very satisfying :blobcat:

Good morning!
I came back home from not having watered my plants for 18 days and I thought many didn't survive, but actually after rehydration most seems fine! The succulents are finally growing, the dead raspberry abandoned on my balcony seems to enjoy having no water at all, and my tomatoes grown from seed actually got their first baby tomatoes! :blobaww:

Day 2 of trying to learn skateboarding on the roof: how to accelerate and stop without falling off.

So far I didn't fall! Yesterday neither. Only more or less gracefully exited the board :blobcatgiggle:

I'm now sitting on the ground next to my boyfriend's work because I'm not allowed in. But he was allowed to sneak some snack and a warm drink out so I'm happily waiting here and looking for turtles.

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I continued my painting! During daytime for once.
I'm supposed to add characters now, but I think I'll need to draw them and add them separately. My tiniest brush is the one I used for the stairs railing and it's definitely not precise enough. (It only has like 10 hairs! But I made a thick rough first layer.)

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Orchid update: the two pollenized flowers are definitively dying, maybe the third one too. But I noticed some new flowers starting to appear!

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My office orchid made flowers and last week I pollenized two of them with pollen from my supervisor's orchids. Now those two are looking like they are starting to die, which I read is supposed to happen?
So I don't know if I can grow them but I might be getting orchid seeds :blobcat:

I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's meeting before the middle of the night, so it was the perfect occasion to continue painting!

I just rediscovered that it's easier to paint with diluted paint and not the thick mix directly from the tube, who would have known :sweat_smile_ms:

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I matched the colours a bit better, and in the end I found it too annoying to avoid painting where the windows should be. In one or two weeks when it's dry I'll just paint over.
Also I wonder if my sky will be blue or green when I look at it during daytime :thinking:

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I had bought oil paints maybe 7 years ago because my RPG game master wanted NPCs painted on some boat part so I wanted something water-resistant, and I never used them since, so I figured it would be time.

The number of ideas what I'm doing that I have stayed null :shrug_r2:

While I have to wait for my code to run before going to bed, enjoy this fluffy snow that fell today.
I didn't realize snowflakes were visible by eye! I thought they would be smaller.

Selfie, eye contact 

The sky is blue and the almost-noon sun is poking it head a little above the houses!
Listening to my group meeting, enjoying from the balcony my first sun rays in weeks :blobcoffee:

Here's my least bad shot of the woodpecker! Apparently it's looking for ants.

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All of you from places which have routinely snow on the ground, please indulge me, but I am currently very excitedly staring at the window :blobcatpeek:

Reading "Running on empty" (childhood emotional neglect) 

Well, hello memories :blobsleepless:

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Reading "Running on empty" (childhood emotional neglect) 

Well they did exactly describe my father :concern:

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I present to you: ARGGG.png

Nice plots but terrible math, and also:
what is again wrong with my measurements :blobugh:

Today I went waterskiing for the first time! Courtesy of my graduate school.

The first time I fell at the first corner and had to walk back a painful rocky path barefoot for ten minutes, so it was very motivating to learn quickly. Afterwards I got a fealing for it and I was able to do several full turns of the lake without falling unless getting distracted.

My officemate made a video from me starting my third turn!

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