I didn't want to work late tonight so I started painting the shelves before the sun disappears. I still had some acrylic an colleague left me two years ago, the cap of the tube is actually cracked, it was time to empty them.

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I ran out of tape but I had still some proper glue. If tomorrow it's property fixed, I could paint it and I would be still cooler than a chair!

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I guess a proper glue (I only have paper glue) and a proper tape would have helped but once I get the other half, I can make it hold!

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It's kraft time! I am tired of using a chair as bed-side table since a year, I have cardboard, I have a tutorial, I'm ready.

I realized I was basically tiling windows all the time anyway (like constantly snapping them in the corners), and I've seen cool-looking things with tiling windows managers recently, so I started making sure my laptop is virtually unusable by anyone I know.

I chose colors to match the wallpaper without realizing it would also match my mastodon theme :blobcatgiggle:

Also look at my status bar! I spent the night on it and I'm very proud of it.

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Yulran vs. CST 

Yaaay I managed to make a brick with a hole!

Thanks to: random youtube videos in hindi.
Not thanks to: the official documentation.

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Weird food baking 

I can never follow any recipe but today I had an avocado, peanut butter, coconut milk and flour and oil, and some nuts. So I've mixed them together in random quantities until it tasted good and I have "muffins" now.

The potatoes I forgot in the earth last autumn started growing so I added in the small germinated ones I had kept and they look happy. Potatoes are my friends! ๐ŸŒฑ

I also tried to regrow a germinated onion but it started looking unhappy while new roots were appearing and now in the earth it looks about to die :blobsad:

Happy walpurgis night to all you cool people, I hope the coming of the spring will be able to make your burdens a bit lighter.

With so little humans outside, the inhabitants of my local trees are happily roaming closer to the building.

If you ask, it's a custom solarpunk-agender-pride flag, and yes that's a sword in the background.

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TDoV selfie (eye contact) 

So I hear it's , huh? I'm here, I'm trans, I'm a mess, and it's public selfie time.

I am back in the lab and it's weirdly empty but my office plant greeted me with flowers :_earth:

Current Sunday evening mood: walking next to the water by a hail & thunder storm.

I actually don't know what I'm drinking but I find the ingredient list funny.

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My usual Sunday curse got me into a bad mood so I'm fighting it by making some suggestive drawing :shrug_r2:

Still mostly sfw for the moment, just two heads snuggling.

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