Selfie, eye contact 

I drew a sad self-portrait yesterday and I like it because fantasy clothes are the best clothes and also the face is accurately asymmetrical but also very hot.

Liquid nitrogen good:
Nice cold rampant smoke, lab snow, nice to play with (carefully).

Good uh… afternoon I guess!
Finally nicely slept for 13 hours and I continue enjoying it and living dangerously by bringing coffee into the hammock to read in the warmth :hot_drink:

Also I was in the lab and my laser has been working for two weeks in a row! So here is a shiny picture of my beam diverging too fast to fit in my mirrors and being not very centered on my telescope.

Selfie, eye contact 

Morning 1 in Brno: it's nice but you better enjoy being soaked.
(I do :blobcat: )

A friend is soon leaving the group so we are making a decorated graduation had and I made those! I'm often turning their keyboard and mouse upside down and tilting their screen just to annoy them, so I'll put that on the hat.

Dear manufacturers of beam camera: rainbows are for queers, not for colorscales. :rainbow_flag:

Left is a screenshot of my beam camera software, right is me plotting the file, it doesn't even look like the same shape :shrug_r2:

Also hey my first julia script was to transform my voice pitch data files into a graph and last few days it really went down!

I'll have to make that look a bit better now that I understand more what I'm doing with Julia but I'm proud of it ✨

Still enthousiastically learning Julia, I'm slowly completing the exercices at CodeAbbey.

Not that confortable with the abbey theme but apart from that I like this website! It feels quite small and friendly.

*Very excited physicist noises* :blobaww:

I'm playing around discovering the julia language! And the ability to have variables with their units would save me so much frustration with daily units-related errors.

(I'm carefully writing on top of my matlab functions definitions that a function takes a THz input and outputs nanoseconds but I just forget to read my own comments…)

Orage is since a few days coming when he hears the sounds of me adjusting the blankets in my hammock, to jump on me as soon as I'm going inside and fall asleep on my chest and I can't even switch off the light :blobcatsleep:

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