Another 13-hours work day finished, time to crawl in bed :chick_cry_happy:

I can't wait to be rid of having to stress about a presentation, but in the meantime I still need to work and read papers and prepare the presentation and uh, also present it I'm afraid :blobsleepless:

COVID-19 adjacent 

@hafnia All I can say is that you tell great stories about cats and other creatures being silly and there is never too much of that.

Anecdote about how to deal with a bully 

In summary:

His mom asked for the number of the bully's parents to invite him over for an ice cream.

She asked about him, what video games he liked, pointed out some common interest between both kids, etc. Didn't mention the bullying, just been nice and made him feel seen, joked with him, which made her son feel safe to also do it.

And after that, they didn't become friends but the bullying was over.
I think that's a neat story when it can work.

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I saw this video from two guys analyzing movies from a psychological point of view, talking about emotions and relationships (their channel is nice from what I saw so far).

At the end one shared an interesting anecdote about how his mom helped him deal with a bully, I thought that could be of interest to some of you. I don't think I read this method before.

I got brave enough to interrupt the meeting before they moved on to a second big subject so I could ask a quick question.
They told me an answer I didn't understand.
I said thanks and muted myself again :oh_no:

Anyway, have fun in the awake parts of the world.
I'm off to regret my life choices.

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11pm: grumbling because tomorrow I have to wake up early. (It's fine)
11:30pm: starting to watch the good place. (It's all fine!)
4am: finishing the season. (Fiiine)
4:30am: starting a book. (Aaarg)

In 5 hours: need to have actually slept, went to work, and be ready to pay attention to what I'm doing with the laser while listening to a meeting :oh_no:

@hafnia I can't not be impressed, well done Little Cat!
I mean, badly done, but a bad well done. :blobcatgiggle:

But I hope she will not also act up when it's treat time and there's nothing anymore to give her!

Not very safe food 

I accendentally soaked my chickpeas for almost a week, it smelled very yeasty.
Tasted a bit weird and I didn't like it but I figure it's maybe just the normal taste of fermented chickpeas.

Now time to wait to see if I poisonned myself or not :shrug_r2:
(Didn't want to waste food in case it's eatable.)

you have to accept that you're not special as in somehow better than others but also accept that you're special as in unique and deserving of love

@olivia Here's an emotional support little plant rooting for you :_earth:
And I hope your pain leaves you alone!

Have you heard of the Royal game of Ur?

It's a 4000 year old game found in a royal gravesite in the ancient city of Ur. What's truly amazing about it is that we've also found a clay tablet with the rules for it! The oldest rule book in the world!

I had not heard of it, until I found this beautiful Free and open source online digital version of it! It looks great, and it's fun too! And you can play two player locally

Give it a go and let me know what you think! #game

@vidak Thanks! I can probably count on a single hand the number of times I heard disco, so I was almost surprised I like it.

@hafnia Eh, sorry, I read the timeline in the wrong order. In any case, good that everybody is ok!

@hafnia Oh, wow, quite scary I imagine. Particularly strong wind?

Casually scrolling through a 3200-pages book from the library genesis to find tabulated data, as scientists do.

Insomnia complaining 

I feel as sharp as usual but somehow I lost half of my german understanding skills overnight, so I guess I'm not. Funny that I notice it there.

Yeah, no lab today, no error-sensitive tasks.

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Insomnia complaining, food 

I wasn't really planning to pour half a kilo of green peas into my breakfast but oh, well.

I guess today is not the day I go to the lab and carefully switch the laser back on :concern:

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Insomnia complaining 

Welp, it's 6am and I feel as restless as before, time for coffee and starting work early it seems :hot_drink: :hot_drink: :blobsleepless:

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