I have so little self-control with regard to puns 

@bgcarlisle Oh yes!

Rechte für trans Personen; Aufruf; bitte boosten 

Am Mittwoch, 19. Mai, liegen im Bundestag Gesetzentwürfe zur Abstimmung an, die das völlig veraltete und größtenteils menschenrechtswidrige "Transsexuellengesetz" durch ein moderneres Selbstbestimmungsrecht ersetzen sollen.
Wenn ihr wollt und könnt, möchte ich euch bitten, euere Abgeordneten daran zu erinnern, warum es eine gute Idee ist, für diese Entwürfe zu stimmen.

Mehr hier: allegutendinge.jetzt/

EU Politics, Covid vaccines 

There's a petition to try and make the EU commission do everything in its power to make vaccines a global public good.

Please sign and share! noprofitonpandemic.eu/

We need 1m signatures and 7 countries reaching the threshold.

Italy and Ireland are close to reaching that threshold. France and Spain do not miss too many signatures to reach it too.

Violence policière 

@lilov "ouvrir le feu dès lors qu’un fuyard n’obtempère pas"??

Ah oui la légitime défense de tirer sur des gens qui fuient.

Good morning, I am also crying about the boat. (This is a good story though, how did I never know anything about how we got the survivors we did from the Titanic?!) And I cried again at the note after the story: "it matters that they tried."


@maunzi Oh you type them! That's brave, I dislike that so much that I'd rather ssh into some linux computer where I can use the cli commands to copy them to the clipboard, than writing them by hand :sweat_smile_ms:

@maunzi I'm not sure how the website calculates the cracking time. I type "sfkh" it's 22 seconds, I add a single space and it's 9 hours. Makes me not want to believe their estimation.

Honestly I have no clue what enough or not, but since I'm not going to try remembering anything anyway I just go with the default 8 words.

#SummerSchool will be in session soon!

May 12 we are going to be opening up the forms for y'all to submit your research proposals!

It is an interdisciplinary academic conference. We are so excited for the fediverse to come together and learn and share together.

So keep your eyes peeled and your minds a'thinking of your proposal.

Graphics designed by Csepp! @cspp@merveilles.town

some old photos of me, one with ec 

@rabbithearth Instant hair goal! :blobaww:

@hafnia Clearly, you must be a very tiring human for her to supervise!

Collecte Gilets Noirs / lien twitter 

Ce weekend la CAAN organise une collecte alimentaire solidaire pour les #GiletsNoirs en cette période de ramadan.

Il s'agit d'une collecte mobile, toutes les infos sont sur le lien ci-dessous (formulaire d'inscription et denrées nécessaires) :


Employement (+) 

It caused lots of problems to get another extension but I'm now employed until mid-December, yaay :muscle_hmn_r2:

I theoretically have a presentation in our group meeting in an hour and a half and I'm trying to finish preparing, but my prof just said he's teaching so we could move it maybe next week or maybe tomorrow, I didn't understand his final decision, and then he started talking to somebody else when I was opening my mouth to ask again, and so I didn't ask and now I have no clue when I'm presenting :oh_no:

I finished Foz Meadows' An Accident of Stars before sleeping yesterday and this book is hitting hard. It's fantasy, but *very real* fantasy.

So of course I'm already 15% into the second book now :blobcatgiggle:

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Like as much as I like latex, the picture placement if you want to do anything more advanced than putting them side by side? aaaargg.

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Current work status:
I got tired of recompiling over and over my pictures-heavy presentation which I write in org-mode and export in beamer (and my presentation is tomorrow), so now I just took the pdf, synchronized it to my office linux computer, connected by ssh, separated all the pages into individual pdf files, synchronized them back to the laptop I'm working on, and I just paste the pictures with inskape now.

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