Trans-cec est *enfin* en ligne. Ce fut laborieux (et reloud) mais c'est fait !


gender-neutral german grammar 

@distel Your bike looks very cool! How did you get the protection there? Did you knit it in place? Or does this part of the bike open somehow? I'm so confused.

If you don't know what Daf Yomi is, it is a cycle of studying Talmud, one page (front and back) a day. It takes 7.5 years. Jews all over the world do it in sync with each other. It's a relatively new practice. This upcoming cycle that begins on January 5th, 2020, will be the 14th cycle.

@readytherhinos As far as I know, not really. If there are facial hair in your family you would be likely to get the same amount. But they grown kind of slowly (mine are still discreet enough that people don't pay attention to them), so I guess it's possible to stop T after a while and get rid of the hair some other way.

Good morning to everyone and especially to la grΓͺve gΓ©nΓ©rale youhouβ€―! :muscle_hmn_r2:

Insult against men (just an awkward conversation) 

Climate (-) 

Goooood morning! :blobcoffee:

Today my cryogenic chamber really doesn't want to let me fill it with liquid nitrogen without bubbling and spilling it eveywhere on my optics.

Map of all the rallies and demonstrations announced so far for the #generalstrike in France on December 5th.

Iiiii just learned about the Rockstar programming language.

It has pronouns: it, he, she, him, her, they, them, ze, hir, zie, zir, xe, xem, ve, and ver.

"undefined doesn’t sound very rock’n’roll so we use mysterious instead."

"wrong, no and lies are valid aliases for false"

"poetic literals allow the programmer to simultaneously initialize a variable and express their innermost angst"


@maunzi I love it so much! That's so cool! Now I want to try it :blobaww:

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