And then I went to work to exchange samples in my current measurement and I furtively crawled around the offices looking for used cardboard boxes, to stack together and make a standing desk.

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Today I went waterskiing for the first time! Courtesy of my graduate school.

The first time I fell at the first corner and had to walk back a painful rocky path barefoot for ten minutes, so it was very motivating to learn quickly. Afterwards I got a fealing for it and I was able to do several full turns of the lake without falling unless getting distracted.

My officemate made a video from me starting my third turn!

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Owning both a rain jacket and rainproof shoes is: amazing. :chick_blanket:

@olivia Same, mine somehow have the text in Russian, which, sure I do have a Russian keyboard installed, but uuuhhh.

What fool called them

Cultural references to German gratefulness

And not

Danke memes

@bgcarlisle And now I have to explain to my officemate why I'm laughing

@bgcarlisle You're saying this like it's not a perfectly normal thing to do.

I have been tasked to start writing a paper draft but also I'm very distracted, so that sounded like the perfect moment to learn emacs and how to use it to write latex.

I saw too much emacs in my timeline the last months, now I want to know what all the hype is :flan_shrug:

French first name change procedure thread 

I wrote to the french embassy on Friday, and today they replied that I should send all my files by post first, so then I can bring any missing paper for the appointment .

It's good! Less stressful about possible incomplete file.
But that means I have to gather all the pieces already now and *this* is stressful. :concern:

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Good way too early morning :asleep:

My boyfriend will be here this weekend! :blobaww:
So I'm on my way to the airport with a thermos of coffee and almost not burned pastries wrapped against a heat pad.

Ready to rescue this dweller of warm places from our uh… 3Β°C.

@hope I spent the last hours just reading more blog posts from the same guy, I find his process super facinating.

French first name change procedure thread 

I already receive my birth certificate. So uh, I guess I need to quickly ask for an appointment in Berlin.
It's happening quicker than I expected, it's a bit scary.

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climate, worldpol 

"NASA fire map shows the absolute failure of mainstream media for not expressing how devasting fires in southern Africa and South America are."

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selfie, eye contact 

@ox Hiiii
You remind me of how would look a mysterious villain who is about to becomes one of the heroes in the second season.

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