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I guess a proper glue (I only have paper glue) and a proper tape would have helped but once I get the other half, I can make it hold!

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It's kraft time! I am tired of using a chair as bed-side table since a year, I have cardboard, I have a tutorial, I'm ready.

Ok I messed up my calendar and today was supposed to be a state holiday here, not tomorrow, so I guess I can't count on tomorrow morning to catch up on my too many 5-hours nights this week and I should go to bed now :oh_no:

pandemic β€’ mask information and resources thread 

I've found a lot of information about masks, why you should wear one, and how to make them.

It's all worth sharing, so I'm making a thread of it here to keep track of things.

Amusingly, an early kind of tougher-than-normal glass was soda glass, made from a mixture of silicon dioxide and sodium oxide. It was stronger and tougher than regular glass, with improved engineering properties.

It was also water soluble.

Soda-lime glass was invented as a way to get the toughness of soda glass but without making windows that dissolve every time it rains.

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I think I like correcting writen solutions.

I have this unexpected feeling of "oh no poor youngling" (even though they are probably my age or older), like I need to take good care of them and help then figure things out.

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And I spent quite some time indicating exactly where their understanding of the physics got wrong when applicable, making some drawings to show the concepts.

Maybe it's a bit overkill (since I'm doing the correction afterwards anyway), but I guess it's more helpful to have it really pointed out personnaly. So they can read it and think about it calmly and not be like "wait what how did that happen" during the correction.

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I have no clue what are the expectations for this course in particular and for german universities in general.

I'm putting some points whenever the student had the good idea, even if a multiplication sign turned into a + sign on the second line and all the math got wrong.

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So I'm a remote TA this semester, and next week I'll be correcting the first problem set. I started looking at the students' solutions this afternoon.
I only corrected one yet, but somehow it made my imposted syndrom totally vanish. So master level university students can be even more terrible in math than me :sweat_smile_ms:

Covid and travels and relationships 

So I thought the intraeuropean borders would start reopening in June, now that many countries are starting a deconfinement phase. At least that's what my supervisor told me and she's following the news.

But my plane in June got canceled and today my plane at the end of July got canceled too. I'm a bit too dramatic maybe but I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever see my boyfriend again.

Yaaay I got my bluetooth headset working! :flan_hurrah:
Now I can start my lunch break in a proper way.

Irk I didn't meant to stay awake late again :blobugh:

But I was going through my bookmarks and there was a picture I wanted to send to people on whatsapp. But now I only have the pidgin plugin which doesn't let me send pictures! And I don't have kdeconnect anymore. I have mconnect but the transfer from the computer to the phone always fails.

So a made a fish function to read an url, download it, and send the file to the phone via adb over wifi :blobcat: :crt_w_prompt: ✨

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This friend messaged me to say "happy agender pride day!" and I had no idea there was such a thing but the internet agrees so happy agender pride! And thank you fedi for being the first place I could tell that I was agender.

I realized I was basically tiling windows all the time anyway (like constantly snapping them in the corners), and I've seen cool-looking things with tiling windows managers recently, so I started making sure my laptop is virtually unusable by anyone I know.

I chose colors to match the wallpaper without realizing it would also match my mastodon theme :blobcatgiggle:

Also look at my status bar! I spent the night on it and I'm very proud of it.

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I've been messing with my linux since a week now and I'm quite happy how it's turning out!

I like KDE a lot but my laptop is slowly getting older and slower. And the display was suddently glitchy for some reason, so I thought it's time for a bit hard drive erasing and total reinstallation.

The advantages of remote meetings and bluetooth headphones and knowing that I'm always the last one to be asked what I'm working on: I could take my shower during the meeting this morning :blobcatgiggle:

Violent neighbor issues again, police 

I somehow managed to connect on zoom and make a short presentation for work without having any idea what I was saying. Then the police arrived, looked around, asked a bunch of questions, told me I was allowed to calm down and went away see the neighbor.

Which I can hear screaming in the angriest way right now :blobsleepless:

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Violent neighbor issues again, police 

It's 3am and I'm supposed to be sleeping but my neighbor is screaming and I feel my heart racing again :shrug_r2:

She came banging with a hammer on my door again this afternoon. This time I did what the landowners want and directly called the police even if I hate it. (Well, after sending panicked messages to my boyfriend and my supervisor because I couldn't remember the number or how to find it.)

bunch of trans academics: you could have been using your chosen name all along
me: WHAT
trans academics: yeah your CV and journal titles aren't legal documents
me: WHAT

so trans academics who aren't aware of this, you can use your chosen name everywhere

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