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French first name change procedure thread 

Good thing, they have a proper list of everything they need to change the first name.

And transposΓ© and also have a good list of everything which is needed.

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It came to my attention when I woke up, that if I want to submit my thesis under the correct name, I should get to change my legal name soon :blobsleepless:

I guess long thread incoming about me struggling with consulates and embassies and getting letters to reach me.

Good morning! :blobcoffee:

Of course yesterday I forgot my e-reader in the lab so I came home with a paper book instead.
But now! Tragedy! I can't take a paper book to read in the shower!

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It's pretty wild, how modern western culture is obsessed with greco-roman mythology and culture while simultaneously trying to remove all of the queer from retellings of it

Actually for those first two weeks supervisorless, it has been quite nice. She left me with a quite clear roadmap until the end of the phd and I roughly know the appeasing rituals to keep the laser happy.
Feeling more free than lost :muscle_hmn_r2:

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Current status: just reading a book in the lab because why not.

It's late, I can't do anything else the wait for the measurements to finish, I guess I could read papers but I don't want to, and also I'm supervisorless so nobody can stop me anymore :blobcatgiggle:

hottake, trans issues 

ive said this b4 but i honestly think it's fine to have a preference for specific genitals. but you should use the actual word for it (i prefer penis/vagina, etc) instead of trying to gender it And it's really only something that should come up when talking to someone you might have sex with lol

The summary is: the repellent from the pharmarcy whose entire ingredient list is 10 names such as 'butan-2-yl 2-(2-hydroxethyl) piperidine-1-carboxylate', carefully spread everywhere, is very efficient to make the mosquito bite me in any small spot where I couldn't get the spray (like my eye socket).

My 6 years old almost empty rolling stick of lemongrass oil I finally remembered: banished the mosquito to the other side of the flat.
And I like the smell. Need to get more of those.

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Good morning!
I spent 10 hours in bed and 7 of them listening to a mosquito :blobsleepless:

I think one of the problems with white leftism is that a lot of us want to have it both ways. We want to use our privilege to help the victims of structural racism, but we don’t want to have to actually give up that privilege. We want to be like the benevolent aristocrat.

Info on protecting yourselves from wildfire smoke:

Many of the things you can do are completely free! Please do them. In the middle of a pandemic is the worst time to also have your lungs in harm's way from other causes.

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I am newly reminded that I'm sad that modern English has largely eliminated six of its nine major prepositional locative adverbs. Each had a prefix indicating the place and a suffix indicating the direction:

h-: "this place"
th-: "that place"
wh-: "what place?"
-ere: "in such a place"
-ence: "from such a place"
-ither: "to such a place"

The surviving forms, of course, are "here" ("in this place"), "there" ("in that place"), and "where" ("in what place?"). But we used to have

hence: "from this place"
hither: "to this place"
thence: "from that place"
thither: "to that place"
whence: "from what place?"
whither: "to what place?"

and I think our language is poorer for their elimination.

The original Ballad of Mulan was composed in the Northern Wei dynasty of of China, a kingdom founded by the Tuoba clan of the nomadic federation Xianbei. In fact, the Emperor/Son of Heaven in the ballad also goes by Kagan or Khan, a traditional honorific for the leader of the Eurasian nomads. You wouldn't know it from the sinicized modern adaptations, though, where the Khan is uniformly the bad guy. #history #China

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@RedFuture Smell and taste are olfactory senses, using receptors to identify volatile molecules. It only works where you have those receptors, such as in your mouth, nose, and lungs. Touch is your somatosensory system and detects physical sensations, and works on any post or membranes with sensory nerves.

Chemesthesis is when your nerves are directly excited by chemical compounds. Distinct from touch because it is not a physical sensation. Distinct from taste because you don’t need olfactory receptors for it.

That feeling of spiciness you get from chilli peppers and the cold feeling you get from menthol is not actually part of your sense of taste, smell, or touch. Instead, it's a distinct type of perception called chemesthesis.

OF COURSE the website to submit the proceeding for my conference treats it as a totally new submission, which means: it's time to copy-paste the names and addresses and emails of all my co-authors once again.

I'm so glad I'm not in particle physics :blobsleepless:

Excerpts from today's lab notes:

- "Trying to look if the frogs are ok."

- "Opening the frog software, but labview self-destroyed. I think that was because the spectrometer software was not yet crashed."

Since I can't see the words I learn, I find it so much easier to remember them from one day to the next when they are not only a seemingly random string of syllables.
But than means I have funny mental associations now!

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