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Quelques mot épicènes pour complimenter vos adelphes :

mims (se prononce "mim'sse")
brave (peut être insultant)
chouette 🦉

Unlearning shame about being out of breath

"Being out of breath during exertion is normal. Yet many people of all shapes and sizes have told me they avoid physical activity because they don’t want to feel shame for being out of breath.
Listen. There are thin people who get out of breath climbing the stairs out of the subway. And there are fat people who can sing and play a flute while dancing for hours and not be out of breath (all hail Lizzo)."

longread: A Future with No Future: Depression, the Left, and the Politics of Mental Health 

"This is the blaming cult of contemporary capitalism: you are causing your own depression — even when evidently you are not. [...] Capitalism makes us feel bad and then, to add insult to injury, makes us feel bad about feeling bad."

call to action for today! mass deportation in Berlin 

As more we are pushed into isolation by authoritarian order, as more urgent it becomes to connect the different struggles towards each other.

Today, while the pandemic continues, the german state aims to conduct a mass deportation to #Afghanistan.

If you happen to be in #Berlin, come to the airport BER Terminal 5. Usually deportation starts around 21:00.
A protest is organized to start at 18:00 next to the deport ation prison.
#b0704 #NoBorder #NoNation

more info here:

Today I discovered pympress and now I am never again doing a presentation without reading my notes on my own screen :blobaww:

(Or a presentation where I have a small window floating above the fullscreen slides where I try to scroll from note to note fast enough that nobody notices I forgot what I needed to say)

i just got the best book recommendations from ! :blobmeltsoblove:

💯 percent totally recommended!

Why did the picture give up when it was compressed for storage? 

It lost its resolution :(

Day 2 of trying to learn skateboarding on the roof: how to accelerate and stop without falling off.

So far I didn't fall! Yesterday neither. Only more or less gracefully exited the board :blobcatgiggle:

I'm now sitting on the ground next to my boyfriend's work because I'm not allowed in. But he was allowed to sneak some snack and a warm drink out so I'm happily waiting here and looking for turtles.

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I am halfway to my boyfriend's place and I can't wait! It's 8 months since I went last time.

It turns out that when I hear my echo louder than I hear myself with a tiny delay, I can't even say just one sentence without either getting silent or starting to repeat what I hear :sweat_smile_ms:

I'm testing the sound on my laptop in a videoconference with myself and I'm having fun / getting a bit frustrated at it because it reminds me of having had the same problem at a conference.

I think org-mode is the best solution so far against my tendency to spend days perfecting the template of anything I write, instead of actually writing the content.

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Miscommunication at work, c-ptsd, physical exercice 

I took me a couple of hours to break through the emotional flashback of feeling unfairly punished. I think exercising helped the most? I did a small Darebee exercice with a borrowed heavy kettlebell, which was quick enough that I don't get bored, and I was feeling better.
And then I started writing a proper report as my supervisor advised and already sent it too her!

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Miscommunication at work 

My ex supervisor was on my side :blush_cry:

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Miscommunication at work 

My ex-supervisor is asking me to send her the missing documents before I send them higher, so in an hour when we meet I'll have to explain that I send the bad timeline to our secretary a month ago who sent it higher herself, and that I don't actually know what missing documents there was since nobody told me anything.

I'm so upset I've spent the whole morning rehearsing explainations to her in my head. And I'm going to disappoint her! Again!

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Miscommunication at work 

And ok, I recognize I just look at my thesis and not at the big picture of the institute, and maybe it should have been obvious that applying for a contract extension is not just another formality (even if they were rumors that all students would get extensions before of the lockdowns), and she shouldn't have to babysit phd students.

But also???? Why didn't she or my professor told me that it was so bad before sending it to be approved by the head of the institute?

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Miscommunication at work 

And she asked if I had registered for unemployment since the end of my current contract is in less than 3 months now (by 3 days), and she lectured me that she told me I had to take those deadlines seriously and us students can't see the big picture and now I have a bad reputation here and I'll probably never get a post-doc in this institute.

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Miscommunication at work 

So yesterday I asked her what her email was about, and she explained that most people write a 3-pages document justifying why they didn't meet the previous end of contract and why they need more time, and that's is very hard for the professors to get extensions approved. And that this guy usually never calls so my application for extension was so bad that it reflected badly on our group.

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Miscommunication at work 

Previously she had told me that it won't be prolongated a third time so in September, 3 months before the end, I have to declare myself as soon unemployed so when the time come I get the unemployment benefits. I said good to know and wrote that in my calendar.

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