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I mean I thought it was bad as in "nearest supermarket is a couple km away", or "no public transport to the neighbouring school", or "too expensive to have small buisnesses here" but like, *illegal* to build anything else than a specific kind of house until the horizon?

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I just watched this video where a canadian is showing how neighbourhoods in the Netherland have small shops and restaurants mixed with housing, and he also showed that it's not like that in Canada and the US, and now I understand what the deal with north american "suburbia" is :ms_scream:

I don't know who else needs to hear this but even robots and other automatised tools break, need maintenance, and make mistakes sometimes.

Waste of time according to some maybe :blob_cat_sip_glare: (yeah I'm still salty at my supervisor's comment), but it feels nice and motivating to be taking notes in a cool environment.
I don't want to be miserably focused on productive stuff all the time! Let me find joy in esthetics where I can.

(A narrowed captured buffer in emacs with org-fragtog-mode to toggle the latex preview on and off when the cursor enters the math)

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How to pet the dog - a guide 

So one thing I’ve noticed is some people I meet while with my dog don’t know how to pet dogs in a safe way that respects dog and owners boundaries.

So I’m going to make a thread on what to do if you want to pet the dog.

if i had medical care, unlimited access to a communal dining hall, and free room and board i would happily spend 30hrs/week laboring for my community however they needed support.

realistically 30hrs/week is probably double what would be needed. imagine how much more efficient that labor would be without capitalist middlemen stealing 99% of said labor's value.

the only barriers to this future are a) the leeches b) the bootlickers and c) the doomers.

I got scolded by my ex supervisor for starting with the template and not the content and now I feel bad :blobcatcry:

But on the other hand, we are writing a paper for which the actual submission template is very ugly with double spacing and a terrible font, I hate looking at it and have zero will to proofread all those ugly pages. So for me it makes sense to gather motivation by making it a nice template I'll want to see filled and read again and again :flan_shrug:

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I'm spending way too much time perfecting my custom latex template for my CV and motivation letter and way not enough time actually writing the letter :chick_cry_happy:

It's even harder because I don't actually care about the position, but my supervisor is pushing me to apply as a training so I don't freeze and mess it up when I actually care, and I hate that she's totally right.

But please just let me crawl into a hole and never get out again :blobugh:

All that just to show animations like the welcome screen parting and zooming into a picture of a fake building, and then displaying a chat with some options to click, all in german and excruciatingly slow.

I might have not been nice in the feedback form :shrug_r2:

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We had a physical bank in the canteen building of my institute, so all the new foreign employees could be directed there and get support in different languages. And now instead of reopening physically, they made a horrible website which explicitely doesn't support linux (I shows me a frozen welcome screen), and on windows only supports chrome and edge :grr:

be not trapped by the confines of skin and bone. the body is a tool as much as a marble block, awaiting a sculptor’s touch. shape the vessel you inhabit. make it suitable for the breadth of your whims. accept no limitation and seize upon the agency afforded by an indifferent universe.

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International Safe Abortion Day 2021

Heute findet unter dem Motto „150 Jahre Widerstand gegen § 218 - es reicht!“ der bundesweite Aktionstag zum „Safe Abortion Day“ am 28.September statt. Der Aktionstag soll auf Missstände bei Schwangerschaftsabbrüchen aufmerksam machen und sich für ihre Entkriminalisierung und Entstigmatisierung und kostenlosen Zugang zu sicheren Abbrüchen einsetzen. 1/x

Health on testosterone 

Oh and I asked my doctor about stuff I read online, that after 2-3 years on testosterone one could start developing problems in the uterus and other stuff (cancers or endometriosis or other scary stories). I was worried about something that would made a hysterectomy mandatory, but she said it's all nonsense, and at worse there could be bleeding (I guess because I'm on nebido and 3 months between shots is a long time).

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Injection, butt story 

I don't know if it's because the nurse today told me exactly when he was going to start the injection, or because I was trying to flex my legs and abs to force my butt to relax, but I didn't have problems with my muscles twitching at the smallest contact or air movement today :blobcat:

The next half an hour of biking to work though…

‘Dead white man’s clothes’: The dirty secret behind the world’s fashion addiction

For decades, the West's unwanted fashion has made its way to used-clothing markets in Africa. Now it's fuelling an environmental catastrophe.

I am so tired I biked so muuuch :blobugh:
(Twice 12km to be precise)

Twitter money scam 

Apparently the latest thing is to build bots that:
- watch for people asking, "what's your paypal / venmo / etc"
- clone their account (identical avatar, identical display name, slight variation on account name)
- post their own whatever payment method
- block the OP so they don't see the scammerbot's reply

(image in linked tweet is an example in action)

Those are my last weeks working in the lab for my phd, so I'm starting it again! My hands are not used to this anymore, I have a terrible handwriting :blobcatgiggle:

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