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Imagine here the scream of the soon-to-be-unemployed PhD student who lost two weeks trying to measure reflections intead of the main beam because I'm too sleep deprived to think about checking the timing of my measurement :oh_no:

Bad food dares 

Perhaps I shouldn't brag about this but this weekend, my boyfriend and I were arguing about the difference between sourness and acidity (my native language doesn't have a difference) in eating lemons, so he dared me to eat a whole lemon without crying inside.

And so I did :shrug_r2:
I mean I don't know if the taste buds are detecting pH, but I looked up that the pH of lemons is about the same as oranges and coke, and as I expected it feels the same, just less sweet.

So today I'm back to work, just not back at work because I didn't sleep so my cough got worse again, and now I finally plotted the results of the measurement I was controlling from my bed while I was sick.
Turns out I can tell my supervisor in the meeting we have in an hour that I messed it up, this is unusable, and by the way, I don't have a laser anymore to redo it :ms_grimace:

The northern Germany autumn curse: when you sleep so well you wake up after noon, and by the time you had breakfast the sun is going down :chick_blanket:

wer in Deutschland ist und Petitionen für den Bundestag zeichnen darf: Es gibt eine wichtige Petition endlich ernsthaft sich um ME/CFS zu kümmern.

ME/CFS ist ähnlich wie Long Covid nur gab es das schon ganz, ganz lang und ist untererforscht, es gibt zu wenig Fachleute, und die Betroffenen erhalten viel zu wenig Hilfe.

Bitte macht mit!


I had the sudden realization yesterday evening that instead of crying that my supervisor tells me to toughen up and do the interview while barely able to speak, I should ask the people who want to interview me if they want to do the interview in these conditions :surprised_pikachu:

And surprise! They don't either, so I can go to bed instead of worrying about making slides :chick_blanket:

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Physical health (just a cold but not going better) 

Today was a bit better (less fever during the day, now it's starting again), but I'm starting to get really annoyed at the constant coughing and throat pain and not sleeping.

I was hoping when my supervisor heard me struggle to speak and regularly mute my microphone to cough, that she would tell me to cancel the interview Wednesday, but she basically answered "too bad, do it anyway".

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Physical health (just a cold but not going better) 

So far I've been doing only worse, it's like someone is sitting on my throat and upper chest and I'm coughing about every 25s (I timed it) :ms_grimace:

Looking forward to another night of barely sleeping, and then still try to work tomorrow because Deadlines :ms_weary:

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Yesterday evening my laptop decided to stop charging, and I have a lot to do that needs a computer (like prepare a presentation for an interview for a post-doc early next week, for which my supervisor mercilessly pushed me to apply to get interview experience :blobugh: ).
So off to work I go, to pick up the laptop in the lab, synchronise the data on of before my laptop dies, and hopefully pick up cough medication on the way back before a class that starts in half an hour :ms_grimace:

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Physical health (just a cold) 

I've been sick for a week, caught the cold that was going around the one night I socialized (in 2G conditions) for my last local friend's birthday :blobsad:

I'm glad I had stocked up on the self-covid tests I get from work by going to the local quick test tent instead of using them (while it was still possible for vaccinated people) so I know I don't have covid, but I reached the part where coughing wakes me up so I'm not enjoying it.


Hi, my supervisor is making me feel guilty for not working over the weekend, while I've been cooking at the light of candles since the beginning of the week because I work during the full opening hours of the neighboring stores selling light bulbs, how is it going for you? :chick_blanket:

Does someone know of a program / support structure in germany that is helping young trans adults / teens to get away from abusive parents?

But also look at this! I was struggling with inkscape and my wavy surface looked horrible, now I have a cool 3D (although not vectorial) drawing, in perspective, with the correct font at the correct size to go with the rest of the documents.
It was a pain as the 3D module is not clearly enough documented that I understood how to use the functions (maybe if one knows c++), I had to find other people's code to copy, but so worth it :blobcatcoffee:

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So I'm on my way to pick up my boyfriend who's visiting me the next few days, I had to wake up at an indecent hour and that was not helped by the fact that I was drinking coffee remotely debugging the makefile I just learned to do to automatically analyse and plot some data and make a 3D drawing in asymptote (which I also spent the last two days learning, and that's not easy with such a difficult name to look up) before compiling the final pdf.
It's all for my paper so it's allowed :shrug_r2:

Work stuff 

I spent the weekend in the lab, even my ex supervisor came in to see if she could figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Presented the (absence of) results to my professor this afternoon, he said it's time to give up and start writing, I'm too exhausted to know if I'm sad or happy about that.

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Work stuff 

I don't want to be too happy too early and curse it but I think I am measuring *something*, there are some oscillations in this noise :blobcatsurprised:

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Work stuff 

I posted on the digital labbook today's entry labelled as "might maybe have what could pass for a possible signal again", and I give up! Most people left 5 hours ago, it's past bedtime and I want to go home.

So today's the day I was supposed to be done, next week is the "if really really needed" extra week, and I didn't yet find if what I want to measure is measurable :blobugh:

I mean I thought it was bad as in "nearest supermarket is a couple km away", or "no public transport to the neighbouring school", or "too expensive to have small buisnesses here" but like, *illegal* to build anything else than a specific kind of house until the horizon?

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