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Subscriptions that are only cancellable by personally talking to the people, especially when the people are good into guilt-tripping me into staying: whyyy did I register aaahh :blobugh:

Today's extra knowledge won as one coauthor pointed out that I really need to get rid of the superscript references used as words like β€œinΒΉ, they discovered that…” (my supervisor wrote that and I found it ugly but didn't know how to do better):

Textual citations are a thing! "\citet" in bibtex and "\textcite" in biblatex, prints β€œin Author et al.¹” :blobcatsurprised:

Rambling about trying to do a manual n-way merge 

Apparently some people were wondering the same thing as me 10 years ago but never found anything better either…

Maybe I'm just overcomplicating and it's easier to do a 3-way merge, merging two modified versions at a time with my original as reference.

Or even just one at a time since I still have my original as a commit even if not as a separate branch. Erk, and I though I mostly knew how to use git :oh_no:

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Rambling about trying to do a manual n-way merge 

Welp, actually octopus merges don't do what I want, they only work as long as there is no conflict (and I want to be able to review and compare conflicts, also edit manually the result while I merge).
Diffuse does do what I want (with something like "diffuse -r main -r person1 -r person2 -r person3 paper.tex") but it's graphical and each file has its own column so I can only read a couple of words at a time.
I guess I continue looking :flan_shrug:

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For a first try I'm quite happy of the way I found to handle comments on my paper draft.
They sent back the annotated pdf, so I extracted the annotations with pdfannots and replaced the bullet points to get an org-mode list with checkboxes. I put both in a new git branch, implemented the requested changes on this branch, and once I have everybody's comments implemented I'll attempt an octopus merge so I can see where they are incompatible instead of replacing one person's comments by the next's.

I'm starting to look through the paper revisions I was sent last week and my professor replaced my β€œthe field of Cool Science gained momentum in [year] with …” by β€œthe field became of Noble fame” and I hate it :exhausted:

I tried repairing again an old pair of pants by patching a broad tear on the top of the leg, it's way too ugly for the time it took me but as least I have five pants again now. It wasn't a convenient area to reach, so I'm happy I didn't stitch the two sides of the leg together :blobcatpat:

So totally forgetting some task exists is what happens when I don't enter it in my org agenda :oh_no:

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Covid travel rules 

I didn't write it down so I totally forgot there were rules to enter Germany again, but I think I got everything now :blobsleepless:

I panicked at the announcement in the train that (not self-made, this I had) tests were mandatory but luckily the proof of vaccine was enough, and luckily too I found wifi for the entry registration.

Now I'm all set, no quarantine necessary, appointment for the booster obtained, new self-test made just to be sure, I can go get groceries, yay!

Misgendering by strangers 

Got misgendered 4 times out of 4 since yesterday, I'm wondering if it's the bulky coat or if I only felt correctly gendered in Germany because strangers don't gender greetings :ms_grimace:

Will I ever discover whether or not I have ADHD, the adventure 

I caught up with my sister for the first time in 2-ish years, it turns out she got diagnosed with ADHD and some form of autism. And her therapist thinks like mine that our father likely is autistic, from what we tell about him. I often heard that both are linked and run in families, so that's interesting to report when I get an appointment mid-January.

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I don't know what made me chose a Sunday evening to reach Paris' suburbs, every correspondence is minimum half an hour when the line even runs on Sundays :blobugh:

Well, 4km more, I'd walk but I realized I can't find the way, so I came back waiting for the bus :flan_shrug:

French people being bad at wearing masks 

I'm taking the train in France and zero persons have their masks on their nose :ms_grimace:

(Including my nearest neighbor who said on the phone he's sick and hoping it's not covid, so I'm tightening my FP2 and I guess I'll need a test tomorrow or something)

I realized I can actually start to understand my grandparents when they switch to their native dialect of german :blobaww:
And suddenly nonsense sounds from when I was a child actually make sense!

I was walking around today, so enjoy the view of the remains in Elsass of a bridge built by romanian prisoners of the germans during the first world war (to bring weapons to the french front). People still use the way when the water is a bit lower!

I really thought I wouldn't be able to travel because the test station where I had made a last-minute appointment after work yesterday had closed early (I guess before I did the online appointment? :flan_shrug:), so I had to rush home to look up any station still open after 7pm. Found one more than an hour away, made it before it closed and got smoothly tested, but I was afraid for a moment.

Next time I'll just go there during work as soon as it's less than 24h before arrival :sweat_smile_ms:

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Good morning from getting-up-at-4am Yulran, I am surprisingly not yet late today.

German unemployement adventures 

I'm still missing paperwork since the HR people who can fill them were already in holidays when I got them, so anyway I'm not losing anything by not being home. But still, why would it be bad to register an absence more than a week in advance, I don't get it :blobsleepless:

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German unemployement adventures 

If I'm going to not be able to empty my letterbox minimum once a day I have to ask the authorization first (which is already some ironic double-standard because their invitation letter to Thursday's appointment took a week and arrived after the appointment).

So I tried to register that I will still be away for a couple of days when my unemployment start, but I can't do that. They write that I ask for an absence more than 7 days in advance, it won't be approved.

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