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Mushroom growing 

If the fuzzy part is mycelium, then it apparently means the air exchange is bad. I also founds yellow and brown droplets, which are mycelium metabolites, and also mean either that the air exchange is bad or the mycelium is fighting contamination.

So I cut away the plastic instead of just having a cross-shaped slit, to improve the airflow. Apparently oyster mushrooms need a lot of fresh air, so hopefully that makes it happy.

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Mushroom growing (potentially gross substrate picture) 

I was afraid yesterday that I had kept the substrate too wet (didn't have a mister so I was putting maybe too much water) and the surface was getting covered with white mold, but I think it's the mycelium :thinking: There are some pins appearing inside the white fluff so it should be good.

Otherwise, there is definitely something growing on the bottom, and they doubled in side since yesterday :D

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I'm kind of afraid I'm reaching the moment when I'm looking adult enough that just disappearing behind a friend when someone talks to me and having to be physically pushed to enter places while I panic is not cute anymore :chick_blanket:

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Same when I brought my boyfriend in France and I had to do the talking because languages : how do cafés work, do we sit or do we wait to be seated? doing the wrong one would be annoying to people.

I had no idea what I was supposed to say after hello either, so I have vivid memories of an employee and me staring at each other for many seconds she waits that I… explain that we would like to eat, I guess ?

My boyfriend saved me by telling me that I'm supposed to say "2 persons" :loud_cry:

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Like for example, entering a pharmacy to ask for the vaccine QR code at the counter: easy (ish).

Entering a pharmacy to find sunscreen: I don't know if I have to ask for it or take it on the shelves, I don't know how it's called, it will be annoying for the employees if I ask at the cover foot something which is in the shelves, and it would be impolite to default to english and assume they would understand me, and so I'll just sadly look at pharmacies from a distance and burn :blobcatcry:

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I turned my computer off for 10min and suddenly I have room to think, that's scary but also I just realized that all the social situations where I need to be physically dragged to taker the initiative (as opposed to coming with friends, letting them talk and do whatever they do) are situations where I don't know the script and I'm afraid to do stuff wrong :ms_grimace:

And I never realized the scripting part was so important!

Looked up the toki pona manual, and the first 10 pages were enough so that I can send flirty messages to my boyfriend, so that's good.

Today I learned :emacs: 

I found a way to save the org-babel files as attachments directly!

The "define-advice org-babel-execute-src-block" line in this person's configuration seems to works just as I wanted: :blobcat:

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Today I learned :emacs: 

Org-mode attachments! Somehow I lived without ever hearing about those.

And since I want to display the images, it works with [[attachment:filename]] links.

Now looking up if I can get the images created by babel code blocks to be saved as attachments… :blobcatthinkOwO:

Mushroom growing 

Collecting spores is also quite easy, but then steps afterwards are not. They need quite sterile conditions to be sure I'm growing the correct thing and not a random mold spore.

But it seems doable in a petri dish or in agar-agar, and I can find the last one easily, so maybe I'll try too.

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Mushroom growing 

I found about all the info I wanted about growing mushrooms, and it turns out it's not that easy to continue reusing the same mycelium over and over again, because it ages and it get contaminated.

But it's still possible, particularly with oyster mushrooms! So I should be able to break the bloc down once it stops producing and use it to inoculate shredded paper I steal from work mixed with fresh tea leaves and stuff like that. It's definitely worth trying!

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Mushroom kit 

I just read the mycelium will stop producing mushrooms when it ate all the substrate so it should be way lighter, so for the record: the whole kit today is 2.3kg!

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Mushroom kit (potentially gross substrate picture) 

I got a mushroom kit! Those are golden oyster mushroom, I don't think I ever ate some, and I'm quite excited to see how they grow.

Also I'm looking up if there is any way to transfer them to a different substrate once the kit is not growing anymore, because then I would get an infinite supply of tasty mushrooms and that would be great. Also I could maybe probably the original substrate to give to other people :blobcatthinkOwO:

Ruminating about not doing Enough 

I'm not sure what would be the healthiest mindset. Remembering that she only wants me to not waste my time and spend too long on job applications I don't actually want to succeed? And maybe her superpowers let her write actual sentences making sense in context while also reading and discussing about the next point? So she's just projecting her own experience and abilities on me and it's not worth feeling bad about? :flan_shrug:

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Ruminating about not doing Enough 

I feel like I'm still failing both at working on the paper fast enough, and at applying for jobs fast enough (I spend most time for example reading up on the expectations for 1) programming and 2) german CVs).

I feel like oscillating between feeling like I'm never doing enough and being angry at my supervisor for telling me what to do, but I guess both options are unfair either to me out to her.

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Ruminating about not doing Enough 

I kept ruminating all evening that my ex supervisor criticised my organization twice in a couple of minutes, first by being surprised that I took notes about changes to do in our paper instead of implementing them immediately while still participating in the meeting, and second that I took a whole day to write a decent cover letter from scratch.

Covid vaccine 

And boostered! :muscle_hmn_r2:

Last two times I only had mild pain when pressing the injection zone, I'm waiting to see this time.

I don't think I did a fanart since I was 14 but my officemate made me watch Q-Force and said Stats reminded him of me, and indeed she's cool so I drew her.

I've been reading an autobiographical book that's upsetting me so much (as in bad stuff happened to the author) I didn't have a proper night a of sleep in a week :oh_no:

I got angry at it until 5am today…
I realize I should just stop reading it but it's an important topic and I feel I can't just drop it before having fully integrated in me how horrible it is from this point of view.

And also it's in german, I read about 10 pages an hour, and I need to read more :flan_shrug:

wordle, I finally looked up what this thing was 

Wordle 210 4/6


Got it :blobcoffee:
(I also played two days ago I think? And totally did not get it.)

Anyway, curiosity about the game satisfied, I can go back to actually have wordle in my filters :blobcatgiggle:

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